In today’s global market, competitiveness, quality and price optimization are the most important. Our multilingual structure allows sufficient speed in the implementation of the plans and needs of our clients. 

We perform:

* Study and market research. We detect business opportunities and negotiate with suppliers. 

* Business orientation

* Optimization of sales channels and processes and customer order management 

* Business tracking of order placement, listing of potential customers and focus on customers

* Procurement and contractual follow-up

* Verification of collections, areas of collaboration, control of payments, financial information and commercial risk


In architecture, although young, the “Staff” is highly qualified, dedicated and experienced. Performs and supervises all phases of the architecture project:

* Preliminary design and construction monitoring

* Planning and design in the areas of tourism and leisure, housing, commerce and industry

* Urbanism and landscaping

* Offices and public buildings

* Interiors, maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings

Web Design

In this area of business we develop corporate image management services:

* Creation of logo

* Promotional brochures and information

* Promotional videos

* Advertising spots

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